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Toilet Training Trouble?

Oh yes, it is a fine art to master but toilet training without tantrums is possible, I assure you. Toilet training can seem like a daunting process but it doesn’t have to be this way. In fact, when both you and your child are ready the process can be quite a rewarding one. It can also be a funny one as your little one is likely to say things about bodily functions that will make you laugh.

For some children, toilet training is an easy learning process and for others it can be a journey full of ups and downs. But whether you’re winning the battle or ready to give up, you are not alone, and I am here to help! By being supportive, encouraging, and patient, in time you will have your children confidently using the potty and you can get rid of that nappy change table for good!

Potty training is always an adventure; in fact the word adventure to describe the potential disasters involved with toilet training might even be a bit too optimistic, but here are some tips to help you get through this time.

Tip #1: Firstly, Let your toilet trainee set the pace! Don’t try to force them to learn too fast. Support them with the encouragement and positive feedback they need.

Tip #2: Be positive. When you find out a certain someone misses the toilet, yes it happens. Say “you’ll do better next time” or “don’t worry about the accident; we’ll get it right soon” and try to find the humour in the situation! Keep building their confidence and encourage those big kid feelings.

Tip #3: Be consistent and avoid mixed signals. Switching back and forth to nappies is confusing to a child so make sure everyone in the family is involved and encouraging. Once you make the switch to training pants, stick with it.

Tip #4: Be patient. There will be accidents! But mistakes are what we learn from, even as adults! There may be times when your child seems like they are regressing. Don’t get discouraged; this is perfectly normal.

Tip #5: Prepare yourself, the family, and the home – both physically and mentally. There have been many cases of toilet trainees who believe that squatting and pooing where they are standing is better than doing it in their underwear so it pays to equipped for these situations… at least mentally.

I did read a funny story once that I would like to share at this halfway point of tip #5. It was about a family who recently moved to a completely new city where they didn’t know anyone. They were invited over to lunch by a co-worker and their daughter was playing in their toy room while the adults finished their lunch. All of the sudden their daughter wondered into the kitchen half naked only to place a handful of poop on the dining room table! So much for first impressions! In light of this story, I would just like to remind you that whatever your going through things could be worse –e.g. this happening to you.

Tip #6: Involve your child, make shopping for your toilet training essentials a special event, let them choose their own potty or training seat and pull – ups training pants.

Tip #7: Give praise from the beginning, and give praise for small steps – a toilet flush is better than refusing to go near it.

Tip #8: Wear clothes that your child can easily remove by themself. You will regret the day you dressed your child in 5 layers and some dungarees to find he or she missed the toilet because they couldn’t quite get them all off fast enough.

Tip #9: Maintain a healthy diet with lots of fruit and vegetables as constipation can make the process more difficult.

Tip #10: Relax – even if things aren’t going according to plan, simply postpone the process, this will only make it easier later on.

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