Do you already have a family member or private nanny who looks after your child? Lighthouse Can help!

Speak to them to join Lighthouse completely free of charge and we can provide to your educator for your child:

  1. Free pediatric 1st Aid training
  2. A non-income tested subsidy for every hour your child is looked after of up to $50 per week
  3. Free access to the largest resource and toy library in the country
  4. Regular support from our lovely experienced qualified teachers
  5. WINZ support
  6. Access to our exclusive member only events (Zoo trips, Crystal Mountain outings, Butterfly Creek excursions and more)
  7. VIP Access to our public community events
  8. Regular professional development and training

Come feel the lighthouse difference. Contact us today or call 0800 55 11 33 and one of our friendly staff will be delighted to assist.