Our Visiting Teachers are Full of Christmas Cheer!

We are well into the month of December and there is no shortage of Christmas cheer at Lighthouse at-home as you can see one of our teachers preparing for a visit!

As our visiting teachers are doing their monthly rounds, they have are filling up their resource kits (also known as the treasure chest or box of fun) with all sorts of Christmas themed goodies! This means that when our visiting teachers reach the homes of our Lighthouse families, there will be an abundance of Christmas crafts, baking, and learning to do with the children as the teachers check up on their development and learning.


Children love Christmas and as it is a part of our curriculum for November and December, our teachers bring along these tools to inspire the educators on how to engage the children with fun and interesting learning materials. Due to our teachers having many years of experience as qualified early childhood teachers, they are able to assist in guiding the educators in ensuring the child is school ready when the times comes!

If you would like your child’s learning to be in a home-based environment with the guidance of highly qualified and experienced ECE teachers, give us a call on 0800 55 11 33.