New Learning Resources for Your Children!

We recently purchased a few resources for our teachers to use while out on their visits to our lighthouse families!

As one of our quality measures at Lighthouse, we have experienced and qualified teachers that visit the homes of the carers on a monthly basis. This is to ensure everything is running smoothly in the homes and to offer advice and wisdom if there are any issues. Some of the most common issues our teachers are solving range from toilet training to teething, behaviour management, introducing solids, tummy time, language development, fussy eating, and sleeping patterns. No matter what the issue is our knowledgable teachers will have you covered and will relieve our families from the stress that some of these issues pose with practical advice and solutions. Our families and educators are always appreciative of the advice they receive and how well it works which makes us very proud of our wonderful teachers!

The monthly visits aren’t just about sharing advice though, each time our teachers make their monthly visits they bring all sorts of interactive and fun resources for the children to play and explore with, hence our latest purchases! The benefit of our visiting teachers bringing new resources into their homes is that it exposes the children to new ideas and learning opportunities. Our teacher visits also provide ongoing support and inspire the educators to implement activities for children to learn through play. Learning through play allows for children to learn to discover, experiment, and ask questions as it engages them and gets their mind thinking! It is a teachers responsibility to pose questions while playing as this is how children come to understand the world and begin to question it themselves. Our teachers educate the families and carers on this concept as well as many others so that the quality of care lighthouse children are receiving is always optimal.

If you would like to join Lighthouse and receive the many benefits that Lighthouse offers, including monthly visits from hand-picked and very experienced teachers then give us a call today on 0800 55 11 33, we would love to hear from you!