Are you looking for quality childcare affordable childcare?

At lighthouse At-Home childcare we believe that quality childcare should be accessible to everyone. We have made it our mission to ensure that all parents in New Zealand who wants the best education for their children can, through our handpicked educators.

Why is Lighthouse At-Home childcare better?

  1. Lighthouse heavily subsidise the educator’s fees. We are the largest Home based provider in Auckland and our scale enables us to be very efficient. This means we can pass a large portion of the Ministry of Education’s funds back to supporting you and the educator. We are the only service that subsidise educator fees down to as low as $3 an hour. This subsidy is independent of your income and applies on top of any WINZ subsidies.
  2. We have invested heavily into our back office systems and processes to ensure that our educators have world-class support at their fingertips.
  3. Our educators are not over burdened with unnecessary paperwork, leaving them more time to care for your child
  4. Our educators have less children to look after, giving them ability to spend more time with your child and know them more intimately
  5. Our educators are backed up by extremely experienced ECE qualified teachers, who will work with them closely on your child. Our teachers used to be centre managers, centre owners, trainers for teachers in centres and ministry of education staff. The reason they now all work for lighthouse At-Home childcare is their passion for children and the belief in the benefits that lighthouse At-Home childcare brings to children and the community.
  6. We have the largest, most comprehensive toys and resources library in New Zealand for our educators to draw upon when and as required.
  7. Being in Lighthouse At-Home childcare means your child gets a loving, nurturing relationship with individual caregivers and not passed around like a number. Your child will have the chance to form long lasting, close friendships with the other children in care and will also have access to regular outings for socialisation in larger groups. Lighthouse children and families also benefit from exclusive monthly get-together events and quarterly gala type festivities.
  8. We are extensively involved with and invest heavily back into the community. We are firm believers in the old adage – “it takes a village to raise a child”.

Contact us to find out how we can help your child have the best start to her life today. Or ring us on 0800 55 11 33 and one of our friendly staff will be delighted to assist.