Lighthouse’s Journey to Crystal Mountain

On October 19th and Oct 25th, kids and Lighthouse journeyed to Crystal Mountain for an enjoyable and memorable day.


To ensure that the children under the Lighthouse project got the most out of the day, we specifically recommended preschool teachers to show babies a variety of animals prior to the event. This allowed for the children to be familiar with the animals’ physical characteristics and language so that they could then apply this knowledge when they saw them at Crystal Mountain! The kids had the day to immerse themselves in the scenario and help strengthen other aspects of language learning and imitation.

On the day, it was sunny and the air filled with the scent of spring. Nearly 600 people were to take part in a peaceful adventure at Crystal Mountain that brought laughter and happiness to not only the children, but the parents and staff too!


At the event, the staff caring for children under the Lighthouse project prepared a bag full of baby food and a small bag of animal food. A specifically prepared breastfeeding car was also provided, so that the mothers of young children did not have to worry about the issue of breast-feeding. Lighthouse under the leadership of the staff directed a variety of activities in an orderly manner that allowed parents to actively participate in the fun


Among the many activities at Crystal Mountain, the most popular of the programs is none other than the non-walkers train! There is a lot less hustle and bustle in comparison to urban trains and cars; it was a novel and interesting experience. The kids thoroughly enjoyed the convenience of a toy train and had fun on the wee excursion!


In the unique animal park, children were able to get up close and personal with some small friendly animals, even getting to feed and hold them! There was a variety of species including turkeys, goats, peacocks, ponies, llamas, pigs and other furry friends. Screaming kids ventured out into the park while the parents accompanied the children as they feed the small animals right out of their little hands! It was a cheerful experience for the whole crowd.


The active bouncing bed project fascinated older children and certainly got their attention. The youngsters were eagerly waiting for their turn as they watched others bounce up and down.


Crystal museum is a school of knowledge. This enriching environment allowed for senses to be intrigued as the kids observed the beautiful rare crystals and were educated on how they are formed. The older children’s’ knowledge was heightened while the younger kids gained new awareness.

Undoubtedly the most exciting part of the scene was the IPAD raffle. Drawn by children together, five fortunate mothers participated in a small step on the balloon game. There was an intense crowd atmosphere full of “Oh’s” and “Ah’s” but after a wonderful competition, two lucky mothers succeeded in winning lighthouse’s IPADs.



IMG_7557 IMG_7803

Lighthouse is very excited to hold festive Christmas events in December that we hope you attend. We trust that you and your baby will enjoy a day full of happiness and many pleasant memories. Parents are always welcome and encouraged to call 0800551133 or 0275966166 to join our Lighthouse Preschool assisted activities!