Lighthouse home-based educators - lexie

Lighthouse home-based Educators – Lexie

We are delighted that one of our wonderful home-based educators, Lexie, is able to take on a few more children into her care.

Lexie is an amazing Lighthouse Educator based in Glenfield. She is happily married and has 4 grown-up children. Originally from the Philippines, Lexie has been in New Zealand since 2008.


Her home has been set up with plenty of indoor toys and resources, and the deck and garden areas are suitable for lots of outdoor activities and active play.
Being only 5 minutes walking distance from the library, playground and mall , Lexie is able to provide constant opportunities for outings such as attending local play groups and community events. They have regular visits to the library, parks and the mall to provide new experiences and to nurture social skills that are important to a growing child.


Lexie leads their church’s Sunday School programme, and has been a home based educator since November 2015. She is very passionate in caring for children and she does a variety of fun and engaging games and activities with children like crafts, painting, gardening, water play, puzzles, playdough, bubble blowing, storytelling and lots more.


With her warm and caring attitude, Lexie’s goal is to give parents peace of mind that as their children learn new skills and develop confidence they are well taken care of in a safe and nurturing environment.


Parent Testimonial:

Our 2 little girls 3 and almost 1 were with Lexie from November 2015 to May 2016. In those 7 months, every morning we dropped them off they would smile. The little one could barely contain her excitement for being able to spend in the care of Lexie and her family. Many times we’ve been regaled with stories from our 3 year old of exciting excursions to the library to explore the wonderful world of books, walks to the park to enjoy some fresh air and exercise or simply playing in puddles after the rain.
Simply put, the love and care Lexie showed our kids was above and beyond what we expected, and would be great at showing your children the same.

– Rebekah Forsythe (Mum)