Q: Can anyone look after children/grandchildren and get paid the lighthouse subsidy?

A: There are certain conditions and requirements that you must meet. Please call us and we will be delighted to help you through this process.


Q: Can I look after other children?

A: Absolutely. You can look after up to 4 children, with a maximum of 2 under 2 year olds at any one point in time.


Q: What are my responsibilities?

A: You are entrusted to providing quality care and education to the children/grandchildren under your care. There are certain rules and duties that need to be followed to ensure this happens and these are contained in our policies and procedures which you will be given once you start with us.


Q: Who and where does the Lighthouse subsidy come from?

A: The lighthouse subsidy is a subsidy paid by Lighthouse from the MOE ECE subsidies that the MOE pays to lighthouse. This is not income tested and is not related to WINZ.


Q: What is my relationship to Lighthouse?

A: You will be an independent contractor to Lighthouse to provide education and care to the children/grandchildren.


Q: Do I need to pay tax for the Lighthouse subsidies?

A: This subsidy is subject to all applicable taxes as set out by the New Zealand Inland Revenue Department (IRD). As an independent contractor, you are required to comply with all tax duties in relation to this subsidy and treat this as an income. Please refer to www.ird.govt.nz for more information.


Q: Can I claim any expenses against my income?

A: You will be an independent contractor in charge of running your own business looking after children. This means any expenses incurred may be able to be offset against your income. Please consult IRD for more information.