Don’t Give Winter the Cold Shoulder

If you’ve started to notice your family’s increased cravings for deliciously warm hot chocolates, you’re not alone. The first signs of winter are beginning to appear and it’s getting to that stage where it’s almost impossible to get out of your warm and snuggly bed in the mornings.

Winter is a time where many of us look forward to indulging in many hours spent inside and avoiding the chilly outdoors unless absolutely necessary. Although being wrapped up next to the heater, eating soup, and playing indoor games with our little ones is something we can all appreciate, it’s important for your family to make an effort to get outdoors and be active too.

Many parents worry that playing outdoors during the winter months will cause their little ones to get sick but as long as you’ve dressed them appropriately this won’t be a problem. Playing outdoors is a form of exercise that promotes well-being and is necessary for the physical development of children. Our kids are naturally drawn to exploring the outdoors and in many of their imaginative minds – it can be quite the adventure…

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