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Crystal Mountain 18th October

Free Large family activities

Free Large family activities

With the arrival of spring, we are holding a large family event! This event lets parents and babies relive childhood fun together as they experience the natural world around them at Crystal Mountain. With plenty of cute little animals it will be a fun and interactive occasion that allows for children to strengthen aspects of language, imitation, learning and more! While at Crystal mountain, children have the opportunity to understand the process of crystal making at the Crystal Museum and observe the beauty of the crystals!

Lighthouse has also specially prepared the opportunity to win an IPAD MINI!

 Time: Saturday, 18th October 10:00 to 15:00 and Sunday, 19th October Sunday 10:00 to 15:00  (either day, may be attended)

 Venue: 80 Candia Road, Swanson, West Auckland, Collection and café seating space (visible from the main entrance)

 Participants:  Lighthouse Project members only

 Number of participants: if a family has one child registered with Lighthouse two adults free can accompany them for free and if a family has two children at Lighthouse they may be accompanied by three adults free of charge.

Parents or caregivers can participate in the activities with their child or children, however please remember and understand that places are limited so please register as soon as possible: 0800551133 or 0275366166, micro-channel: lighthouse_nz

Please understand that due to payment needed in advance, if you do not enrol you will not be able to receive free admission on the day.

 Belongings: Lighthouse will provide each child with a simple prepared meal and a small amount of animal food for feeding. Please bring other supplies, such as adult food, baby diapers, milk, carts.

 If you have a friend who is not with lighthouse but would like to attend this event, payment can be made in two ways:

  1. 。Crystal Mountain normal ticket price $ 35 pass (you can play all of the rides) $ 15 admission tickets.
  2. 。Lighthouse members play together and enjoy group ticket prices of $30. $30 pass (you can play all the rides)  $13 admission tickets.  Lighthouse ASB BANK: Need to pay by October 15 via online transfer to Lighthouse Family Preschool assist ASB BANK.

(If tickets are brought via online bank transfer after the 15th, we will no longer notice so parents will need to provide a record that the money has successfully transferred.)


Crystal Mountain is a very popular place for locals and is a family favorite for many. The venue can accommodate thousands of people! In order for our caregivers and families enjoy this Lighthouse project, we have organized the event into two days, parents can choose either day to attend.

    Teacher suggested learning activities Highlights  

                     -by Nicole                                                                                          

Kids that attend this Lighthouse event will have an exhilarating and interesting day as this destination is full of fun and excitement.  The children will have the opportunity to experience a lot of fun activities, such as learning about the natural world around us, playing on the playgrounds and experiencing the unique animal park! At the animal park, children will have the opportunity to feed and touch the small animals, so we advise that you read your children some animal books to familiarize them with the animals and the sounds they make! This will allow for the children to gain a richer and more practical understanding of the animals they will be meeting at Crystal Mountain.

Meanwhile, children can also learn about crystals! Crystal museum let the kids have a chance to see the beautiful, rare crystals and teaches them about where come from and how they are made! This will be a fun and meaningful learning experience! Parents and friends, with your children, take advantage of this opportunity to participate in this exciting event, which such a variety of activities it’s bound to be a wonderful day.