Childcare based in the home is a great, gentle way for Christchurch families to begin early childhood education. For over 30 years Lighthouse has been dedicated to providing New Zealand families with a rich array of support and resources to help them give their children the best possible start in life. We offer an affordable, home based caring service and network, employing dedicated childhood educators and providing community support as well as a wealth of learning resources.

Advantages of at Home Based Caring

There are some serious advantages to choosing childcare that’s based in the home, here are just a few:

Affordable: Having your child cared for at home is the second most affordable form of childcare behind relative care. Lighthouse has always tried to make the home based education available to all Christchurch families, that’s why we offer heavily subsidised childcare options, which are independent of your income.

Personal: One of the keys to effective early childhood development programs is a low carer to child ratio. Personal carer to child interaction is often difficult to achieve in group day-care situations, and depending on the demand in certain areas, the ratio can be blown way out. Home based care means your child gets plenty of one on one attention with their carer, allowing them to form lasting bonds, and become better socialised.

Familiar: This style of childcare means your child is learning in the familiar, comfortable environment of their home rather than an impersonal centre. At Lighthouse, we recognise that socialisation is an important part of early childhood learning, so our home based care involves frequent community get togethers, events and outings where children have the chance to make friends outside the home.