Lighthouse at home Newsletter October - December 2016

Lighthouse at home Newsletter for October – December 2016

Hello to our wonderful Lighthouse Families,

This year has absolutely flown by and we can hardly believe there are only a few months left of 2016. There is so much to look back on this past year and yet so much to look forward to as well. Spring is here, Christmas is just around the corner and the opportunities that will come in the New Year are awaiting us all! You can also add our Lighthouse Christmas party to the list of things to look forward to as we have a very exciting day planned. 2016 was a year filled with delightful memories for Lighthouse and we have all of you to thank for them.

We hope you all enjoyed attending our most recent events including the Kidz Kingdom Party and our Lighthouse Baby Olympics. We had an awesome time with you and can’t wait to see you at our next events. For our Tips and Tricks in this newsletter, Emma is focusing on self-help. Fostering self-help in children is essential for their independence in later life so be sure to check this article out. Now that we are heading into November our curriculum focus is changing to Spring Fun and Christmas. As the weather begins to warm up it’s important to ensure that “slip, slop, slap and wrap” is taking place in your household before you step outside. That means Slipping into a long-sleeved shirt and into the shade, Slopping on plenty of broad-spectrum sunscreen, Slapping on a hat with a wide-brim or a cap with flaps and Wrapping on a pair of close-fitting sunglasses.

Don’t forget to have a look at the upcoming family-friendly events we have found for you on page 8!

Happy reading everyone!


Lighthouse at-home Newsletter August 2016

Lighthouse at-home Newsletter August 2016

Hello to our wonderful Lighthouse Families,

As we are now well into the winter months, we hope you are all keeping warm and healthy! Over the last month we have shared some exciting experiences as we celebrated Matariki together, went on a fruit picking adventure, and danced at our mainly music sessions! It’s a wonderful atmosphere when all our home-based childcare families come together to attend our free events, the lighthouse community is truly a special one to be a part of.

The change of seasons also brings a change in curriculum. As we see the end of sensory play, our little ones will begin to focus on the Rio Olympic Games. With the weather getting rainier, coming up with new ideas for entertaining the kids indoors can get difficult. Michelle’s tips and tricks will provide a range of creative activities that you and the children can enjoy. Happy reading everyone!

Want to find out what your little one’s have been up to and what’s coming up next? Click below to read our Lighthouse at-home newsletter for August and find out for yourself!

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Lighthouse Newsletter May 2016

Hello to our wonderful Lighthouse Families!

We hope you all attended and enjoyed our Lighthouse Children’s Day. This is our biggest annual event and it wouldn’t be possible without all of you, thank you for your continued support.

This season’s newsletter recaps our Children’s Day event, so you can relive the fun of a fantastic weekend. We have also found some great family friendly activities and events to be attended. Over the next few month you may have noticed that the curriculum is changing to focus on Mother’s Day, Matariki and Sensory Play. Also, be sure to read Katie’s tips and tricks!

Happy reading everyone!

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March-April Newsletter 2016

Hello to our wonderful Lighthouse Families! We hope you have had a fantastic start to the year. This season’s newsletter is packed full of interesting and exciting news! From introducing our new Lighthouse early learning centre to how we celebrated Waitangi day with your children, there are also lots of family friendly activities and events to be attended, especially our fabulous Lighthouse Children’s Day! Over the past few months we have been focusing on music and movement as a part our curriculum and to put this into practice we held a free mainly music seminar and we had so much fun with you all. March and April also welcome our new curriculum on Easter!
Happy reading everyone!

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Lighthouse Newsletter July-August 2015

Hello to our wonderful Lighthouse Families! We hope you find yourselves healthy and happy even though we are now facing the chillier months!

Our July and August newsletter is packed full of interesting and exciting news! From how to ensure the kids are keeping warm to Matariki celebration month and there are lots of family friendly activities and events to be attended! At lighthouse we have been focusing on the importance of road safety so we held a few seminars on how to be safe around roads which some of you may have attended. July and August also see the transition from transport to our new curriculum animals!

Just click the link below to open our newsletter, happy reading everyone!

Newsletter July-August

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Lighthouse Newsletter May-June 2015

To our WONDERFUL Lighthouse families, we hope you are finding yourself well, and are keeping warm as the colder months are approaching.
We are very excited to be presenting you with our very first Lighthouse-at-Home Newsletter, We have lots of interesting things that we want to share with you and we hope you enjoy reading and discovering all that we have in stall for you this month!

Happy Reading!!!!

May Lighthouse Newsletter