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The early years are incredibly important for young children. This is the time where children’s perception of the world around them, their attitudes, their disposition and their personalities are determined. The education, care and attention that young children receive in these first 1-2 formative years can have a life long impact that will greatly influence who children become.

Lighthouse started as a leading community focused childcare center in Auckland over 30 years ago. In that time, we have contributed to the nurturing and growth of hundreds of children and their community. Too often we have seen what impact low quality or absence of early childhood education can do. We have also seen time and again how children who are placed into the right education environment can come out of their shell and blossom – beautifully and vibrantly.

For this reason in 2012 Lighthouse has started our at-home education service. By helping truly passionate educators set up their home based childcare businesses, lighthouse is able to provide quality, high ratio childcare to everyone in our community. This can be through our carefully handpicked educators or through nanny’s or grandparents/relatives of your own choosing.

Lighthouse hand picks only the very best educators. People who are as passionate about helping and working with young children as we are. We then put a comprehensive support network around them so they don’t need to worry about masses of paperwork, or chasing debt or worrying about selling their services. Instead, lighthouse educators can focus purely on the education and care of the children under their care.

We provide the educators with free access to the largest library of quality resources and toys in NZ. We give the educators regular professional development, mentoring and training support  through our vast network of extremely experienced qualified teachers. We provide the educators and their children access to a variety of experiences both social and academic that they would not have access to. And finally we make all this really affordable by heavily subsiding the fees that the parents have to pay, ensuring that children can attend to an optimal amount of time to get the most out of their education.

We can also help if you have your own educator , such as a nanny or family member who already looks after and educates your children. They can receive all the above benefits and you can have peace of mind that your child is receiving the absolute best of education, love and care.

It is for this reason that Lighthouse is so passionate about home based education. Contact us to see what lighthouse can do for you.