September 7th Crystal Mountain

Once again, we have organised a succesful adventure at Crystal Mountain. It was a day filled with fun and adventure and everyone was happy to be there!


One of the best parts about Crystal Mountain is that the children get to interact with and feed the variety small animals! But that is not all, there is a very interesting learning aspect to the trip too. The children are able to to go the Crystal Museum and view and touch the beautiful crystals while learning about how they are formed!


In addition to all the knowledge, there are also an array of fun rides for the children to play on and even a train that goes around Crystal Mountain.  The children can hardly contain their excitement as they journey on to each of the different activities held at Crystal Mountain.

The day was a very pleasant outing, not only for the children but the parents and caregivers too! Many of the children and parents made new friends giving the opportunity to see other again at future lighthouse events.

We hold many events and adventures for our Lighthouse families and we would love for you and your little ones to join us. If you have a child already enrolled in Lighthouse at home childcare then please come along to our next event. If you are not enrolled and want to be a part of the Lighthouse family and attend our exciting events, please call us on 0800 55 11 33.